Falling sunrise

Bright colors and blackened lies.

Tall patterns and baggy eyes.

Beautiful masks and disguising of scars.

Floors of cracked glass and shining new cars.

Carrying emotions in a shopping cart.

It’s just the beginning, yet it all fell apart.


Dead man’s party

Skeletal structures move swiftly.

Feet of bones slide back and forth in harmony with partners.

Torn dresses and tuxes move to the rhythm of the cracking rib cages.

I am surrounded by a gas twirling in the dance if skeletons.

This gas mask feels so tight on my face as sweat tries to escape.

I try to move my body in peculiar ways to create dance moves I’ve seen on vacuums of silver. But it’s not right.

I search for a partner, but find no one with eyes.


My joints lock

My bones crack

I lye motionless on faded leather

The cushion slowly engulfs my being

I drift into visions of dark liquid crawling down my skin




And it seems the end is the best part

Because I don’t belong anywhere


With each clash the pain and rage encircled his mind.

The pickax creates a hole in the shadowed ground. A scream rings from the depths of his mind. A rock greets his helmet with a loud chip out of his visor. He rips the badge off is uniform. Sparks light the environment about him for a split second. His insides crack. A fellow slave fuel miner falls over dead.

He breaks.

His ax swings into the the guard right next to him, bypassing the armor plates and digging deep into his flesh. The guard lets out a cry then falls into the puddle of toxic liquid. Suddenly a shot flies past the miner’s head. He turns around to see another miner digging his ax into the guard that fired at him. The toxic air that once was filled with metal clashing with mineral now sounds of war cries and bloodshed. Miners and guards falling in the name of change.

He starts to run for the nearby harvesting ship. Each step a memory. Each heart beat another pound in the eroding jagged planet of Noxis 5. Green glow splashes on his suit and burns like hope. Black powder lines his will to move each leg. A bullet tears through his leg, ripping his balance from him. Gravity drags him to the ground, pounding him into jagged rocks and toxic fluid. Blood covers his vision of freedom as he lies in a puddle of remaining hope.

His hand slowly grips grains of his past and chips of rage. Blood pumps to his limbs inducing a final burst of adrenaline. His arm rises from the the ashes and drills into the ground creating a new balance to restore himself. His knee rises and falls to a closer point bringing his body closer to the toxic atmosphere. Hope pushes him off the ground and to a slow limp. Dragging him closer to the ship.

His hand falls on the metallic body of the ship and grasps the memory of freedom. He slowly limps to the small cockpit. One leg hopping toward open Galaxy and the other dragging him down to Noxis 5. Struggling, he slowly pries open the hatch to the ships cockpit and throws himself in. Multiple bullets start hitting the ship as he scrabbles about the controls. The shots begin to pound on the ship more frequently as the guards. get closer. As he frantically tries to close the hatch a bullet tears through his side. He stumbles back into the cockpit bringing the hatch down with him. The side of the ship rings like a church bell with every shot.

Reaching back through distant memories he finds an understanding of the controls. Each switch he flips and button he presses is accompanied by the ring of another shot. Blood pounds his head as his heart hammers his chest. Every switch another mile closer to the Galaxy, every bullet another pick in the Noxis rock. The engines boom as he flips the final switch and grabs the yolk. A shot of hope runs through his veins like a drug. inducing the strength to pull at the yolk, lifting the ship. Now canons and bullets scatter the ship lifting him from bondage.

The engines cry behind him shooting fire into the atmosphere now engulfing the ship. The constant hellfire of bullets and bombs shake the ship in every direction, throwing the miner about the cockpit as he pushes the ship harder, raging through the atmosphere. A large boom fills the miners ears as one of the engines blows up destabilizing the ship. He quickly reroutes power to another remaining thruster partially re-stabilizing the ship just to feel the side of the ship completely blow out. The ship gets thrown into an out of control spiral into the heavens. The miner grasps the console and his injured side, now hoping to exit the atmosphere. One final shot blows out the last engine propelling the last of the ship out of orbit and into dead space.

All goes silent.

the chaotic alarms and destruction are all but gone, and replaced with nothingness. He feels his body float up from the seat in the cockpit and out of the broken hatch. He slowly drifts to the opening to the unknowns of space. Now floating out side the ship into silent nothingness. The air in his suits filtration device slowly dissipates as the shrapnel in him freezes over. But he feels not the pain. Freedom fills his mind and peace finally encircles his soul. He exhales cold silence,

and closes his Eyes.

War on the Homefront

I wake up to the sound of a bombshell colliding with reused silence

I crawl underneath somebody else’s skin to withstand the rage of a Napalm drop

Though the layer does nothing.

My ears ring with demons and angels crying as my skin disintegrates into black smoke

But I survive.

I crawl out of the line of fire to remove my mask, ash quickly runs to assist the tears running down my darkening face

And the only thing I can remember is that I’ll never be like you.


I watched the sky shatter into a million peices

The shards shower an excuse

riding faster than the speed of pain

Adrenaline reloads

The earth sounds like it just heard a bad pun

While I kick the dirt because the trees won’t stop throwing shade

And the excuse asks why his head is on backwards